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businessman , politician

Stolpovskih Viktor Stepanovichis a chief executive officer of the "MT Mercata Trading & Engineering SA", he is a chairman of the All-Russian political and social movement "Sons of Russia".


Viktor Stolpovskih was born on February 18, 1963 in Sophievka village, Ponamorevskiy District, Orenburg Oblast.


Viktor Stolpovskih finished a ten years’ school and then entered Orenburg State Agricultural University. After graduation Stolpovskih got a position of chief engineer in local railway department for procurement of supplies to the workers.


Viktor Stolpovskih founded his first company "MT Mercata Trading & Engineering SA" in 1994.His company built a number of buildings: a sport complex for customs, for the residence "Rus" of the President of Russian Federation he built a tennis court, two covered tennis courts for the Government’s residence and started building two tennis courts for Davis Cup in Sochi. It also carried out a technical retooling of the president’s plane, the plane was equipped with modern communication facilities and a medical room. In 1993 he happened to restore interior decorations of the White House which had been damaged during the Oktyabr'skaya events. In Andermatt, Switzerland his company carried out the reconstruction of the monument to the great Russian commander, Suvorov.


  • Viktor Stepanovich devotes a lot of time to charity, supports dramatic art, variety and philharmonic art, helps orphanages. More than once Viktor Stepanovich was in Chechen Republic, at the front line of Russian troops taking combat roles in Dagestan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, in all garrisons where Russian paratroopers perform peacekeeping missions. Stolpovskih had been arranging concerts with participation of famous artists for soldiers. Viktor Stolpovskih was the first who rendered assistance to families of the deceased paratroopers of the heroic 104 airborne regiment who performed feat of arms. Stolpovskih constantly visits hospitals in Moscow and Moscow region where wounded soldiers are treated.


Viktor Stolpovskih is a chairman of the All-Russian political and social movement "Sons of Russia".


  • Petrovskaya Academy of Sciences and Arts , Russian Federation



Stolpovskih Stepan Egorovich

Stolpovskih Mariya Viktorovna