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Viktorina Vladimirovna Kriger


Viktorina Kriger, USSR Ballerina.


Kriger, Viktorina was born on April 9, 1893 in Petersburg.


Graduated from the Moscow Theatre School, 1910.


Leading dancer with the Bolshoi Theatre, 1910-1948. In 1929, with I. M. Shlugleit organized the Truppa Moskovskogo Khudozhestvennogo Baleta which in 1933 formed the basis for the ballet of the Nemirovich-Danchenko Music Theatre. Became its artistic director and leading dancer.

From 1920-1923, with the Ballets Russes. From 1926, permanent contributor to ballet magazines. W rote Moi Zapiski, Moscow, 1930.

Head of the Bolshoi Theatre Museum, 1955-1963. One of Stalin’s favourite ballerinas during the 1930-1940s.