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Vladimir Aleksandrovich BALMONT

Agronomist and zootechnician

Vladimir BALMONT, USSR Agronomist and zootechnician. Corresponding member, Kazakhstan Academy of Sciences, since 1954; full member, AJl-Union Lenin Academy, of Agriculture Science and V.-President, Kazakhstan Branch, All-Union Lenin Academy, of Agriculture Science, since 1957; Honoured Worker of Science of Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic since 1945. Stalin Prize, 1946.


BALMONT, Vladimir was born in 1901.


1929 graduated Siberian Institute of Agriculture and Forestry, Omsk.


1929-1931 at Kazakhstan People’s Commissariat of Agriculture. 1932-1937 instructor, Kazakhstan Zoological and Veterinary Institute and Kazakhstan Sheep-Raising Institute. 1936-1956 at Cattle-Raising Institute, Kazakhstan Branch, AllUnion Lenin Academy, of Agriculture Science.

(1936-1947 Deputy Director, 1950-1952 Director). Deputy Kazakhstan Supreme » Soviet of 1955 convocation. 1957 member, Committee the Organ, of new Kazakhstan Academy of Sciences.

Research deals with improvement of sheepraising and certain theoretical cattle-raising problems in Kazakhstan.


Religion is always aggressive against any new scientific ideas.


Marxism–Leninism as the only truth could not, by its very nature, become outdated.