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Vladimir Lomeiko


Vladimir Lomeiko, USSR Politician.


Lomeiko, Vladimir was born in 1929.


Emerged on the political scene during the last years of Konstantin Chernenko’s leadership. Promoted in 1984 to head of the Foreign Ministry Press Department, replacing Leonid Zamiatin. His dry, professional manner at press conferences with the Western press has made him well-known.

Belongs to the Andrei Gromyko circle. Married to his daughter, and has written a book (together with Anatolii Gromyko, Andrei’s son) on international affairs and USSR foreign policy. Has a perfect command of English, but insists on conducting his briefings in Russian only, sometimes with translation into English.

Conducted Svetlana Allilueva’s press conference when she suddenly returned to Moscow after 18 years in the West.