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Vladimir Mikhaylovich SAVICH


Vladimir SAVICH, USSR Sylviculturist. Professor 1918, and Head since 1947, Chair of Sylviculture and Forest Melioration, Tashkent Agriculture Institute.


SAVICH, Vladimir was born in 1885 in Uralsk, now West-Kazakhstan Oblast.


1909 graduated St. Petersburg Forestry Institute.


1905-1906 studied vegetation of Caspian steppes. 1908-1910 studied vegetation of Transport-Volga steppes. 1912-1913 studied vegetation of Kara-Kum desert and Kont Dagh mountain range.

1913 sent abroad to study selection, hybridization and research work in Botanical Gardens of New York, London, California and Algiers. 1919 organized Institute of Agriculture and Reclamation at Stavropol. 1924-1926 studied tayga and fodder resources of Transport-Baykal area.

1927 sent on mission to Japan. 1931 organized Far-Eastern Branch, USSR Academy of Science, and elected to its Presidium. 1938 participated in work of Permafrost Station, USSR Academy of Science.

1959 attended Tashkent Conference convened by USSR Minister of Agriculture and All-Union Lenin Academy, of Agriculture Science.


God can not be proven by science which is the main way we study and understand our universe or natural world.


Marxism–Leninism as the only truth could not, by its very nature, become outdated.