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Vladimir Vasiliyevich STRUMINSKY

Specialist in mechanical

Vladimir STRUMINSKY, USSR Specialist in mechanical. Corresponding member, USSR Academy of Science, since 1958; associate, Central Institute of Aerohydrodynamics, since 1941. two Stalin Prizes, 1947, 1948. USSR Academy, of Sciences 1958-1966, member since 1966.


STRUMINSKY, Vladimir was born on April 29, 1914 in Orenburg.


1938 graduated Moscow University.


Carries out research on aerodynamics. 1946 developed the theory of boundary layer on a side-slip wing. 1948 developed general theory of nonstationary boundary layer.

1952 developed general theory of three-dimensional boundary layer for an arbitrary surface.

Director USSR Academy, of Sciences Siberian Department Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics 1966-1971. Head of Physical Aerodynamics Section, Institute of Mechanical Problems, USSR Academy, of Sciences 77. Holder of Chair, of Mechanics of Heterogeneous Media, Moscow Physical-Technology Institute since 1974.

Chief, Department, of Mechanics of Inhomogeneous Media, USSR Academy, of Sciences 1977-1989, Department, of Mechanics and Mathematical Methods in Tech, and Economics Elaborations since 1989. Correspondent.


  • Eight books.


USSR Academy, of Sciences 1958-1966, member since 1966.


Married Nina Struminskaya.