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Vladislav Vadimovich Kharton Edit Profile

chemist , researcher

Author, editor: Methods To Investigate Charge Particles Transport in Oxide Materials, 1994. Author: Research on the Electrochemistry of Oxygen Ion Conductors in the Former Soviet Union, a series of reviews, 1999-2001; contributor over 100 articles on electrochemistry, ceramics, solid state ionics, and solid state chemistry to international sci. journals


  • patents on new materials for oxygen separation membranes

  • research in mixed ionic-electronic conductors and oxygen separation membranes.


  • Other Interests

    Electrochemistry of mixed ionic-electronic conductors and solid electrolytes, modelling of ionic transport and defect formation processes, development of novel measurement methods for ionically- and mixed-conducting solids, high-temperature electrochemistry and chemistry of oxide materials, solid oxide fuel cells, ceramic membranes, oxygen and hydrogen separation, high-temperature electrocatalytic processes for natural gas and biogas conversion, nanostructured oxide and cermet materials, glass-ceramic sealants for electrochemical applications.


Vadim Leontievich - Belarus

Alevtina Alexandrovna - Belarus