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Vsevolod Aleksandrovich ROZHDESTVENSKY

poet and translator , Russ

Vsevolod ROZHDESTVENSKY, Russ, poet and translator.


ROZHDESTVENSKY, Vsevolod was born in 1895 in Tsarskoe Selo, now Pushkin.


1922 graduated Petrograd University.


During World War I in Tsarist Army, and after Revolution in Red Army. Translates West European and Eastern literature (Th. Gautier, P. Beranger, J. Moliere, V. Hugo, E. Verhaeren, F. Schiller, H. Heine, Alfred de Vigny, Southey) and works on libretti.

Edits selected verse of different poets. 1920 took part in “Tsekh poetov” (Poets’ Guild) literature organization. Accused by Soviet critics of being influenced by Gumilev, Blok and Akhmatova, and of ignoring Revolution in his works.

In 1930's and 1950’s sharply criticized for writing on “personal” and “lyrical” subjects.