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Vsevolod Nikolaevich Sofinskii

diplomat , intelligence officer

Vsevolod Nikolaevich Sofinskii, USSR Diplomat, intelligence officer.


Sofinskii, Vsevolod Nikolaevich was born in 1924.


In the Diplomatic Service from 1963. Embassy counsellor (cultural affairs) at the USSR Embassy in London,1963-1969. Senior posts at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Moscow, 1969-1971.

Head of the Department of Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries, 1971-1973. Head of the Press Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 1973-1979. Ambassador to New Zealand and Tonga, also to Western Samoa from January 1979.

Expelled from New Zealand in 1982 having been caught by the Security Intelligence Service passing money to the Moscow-aligned Socialist Unity Party.


Religion is a tool used by the ruling classes for the masses to relieve their suffering via the act of experiencing religious emotions.


The Communist Party of the Soviet Union is the leading and guiding force of Soviet society, and the nucleus of its political system, of all state and public organizations.