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Wallace Nutting

Clergyman , antiquarian

Wallace Nutting, American clergyman, antiquarian.


Nutting, Wallace was born on November 17, 1861 in Marlboro, Massachusetts, United States. Son of Albion and Elizabeth Sanborn (Fifield) Nutting.


Harvard, 1883-1886, Hartford Theological Seminary, 1886-1887, Union Theological Seminary, 1887-1888. Doctor of Divinity, Whitman College, Washington, 1893. D.Humanities, Washington and Jefferson, 1935.


Ordained Congleton ministry, 1888. Pastorates at Newark (New Jersey), St. Paul (Minnesota), Seattle (Washington), and Providence (Rhode Island). Retired from ministry, 1905, on account of ill health and thereafter devoted attention to pictorial representation of landscapes and early American life, also European life, especially English.


  • Other Work

    • Author: (also illustrator) Old New England Pictures, 1913. Vermont Beautiful, 1922. The Windsor Handbook, 1917.Furniture of the Pilgrim Century, 1921-1923. Revised edit., 1924

    • Massachusetts Beautiful, 1923. Connecticut Beautiful, 1923.New Hampshire Beautiful, 1923. Maine Beautiful, 1924. Pennsylvania Beautiful, 1924.Ireland Beautiful, 1925. Photographic Art Secrets, 1927. New York Beautiful, 1927.England Beautiful, 1928. Furniture Treasury (3 vols.), 1928 and 1933. The Clock Book, 1924.Virginia Beautiful, 1930. Wallace Nutting’s Biography, 1936.


Married Mariet Griswold, May 5, 1888.

Albion Nutting

Elizabeth Sanborn (Fifield) Nutting

Mariet Griswold