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Walter Lowrie

religious servant

Walter Lowrie was a Kierkegaardian theologian and translator.


Lowrie, Walter was born on April 26, 1868 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. Son of Samuel Thompson and Elizabeth A. (Dickinson) Lowrie.


Bachelor of Arts, Princeton, 1890, A.M., 1893, Doctor of Divinity, 1930. Princeton Theological Seminary, 1890-1893, University of Griefswald, 1893-1894, University of Berlin, 1894. Fellow American School Classical Studies, Rome, 1895-1896, and 1889-1900.


Lowrie received his B.A. in 1890, and his M.A. in 1893, both from Princeton University. Lowrie was ordained deacon on June 9, 1895, and priest on Dec. 27, 1896. From 1896 until 1898, he was curate at St. James Church, Philadelphia.

In 1898-1899, and 1900-1903, he was with the City Mission in Philadelphia. He then served churches in Southwark, Pennsylvania. Boston, Massachusetts.

And Newport, Rhode Island. From 1907 until 1930, Lowrie was rector of St Paul's American Church in Rome. When he retired in 1930, he returned to Princeton and began what he called an "itinerant ministry." He published 39 books and numerous articles, including The Short Story of Jesus (1943) and Kierkegaard (1938).

A Complete Bibliography of Walter Lowrie was compiled by Donald M. Fox, and published in 1979. From his retirement in 1930 until his death, Lowrie studied and translated the works of Søren Kierkegaard, the Danish nineteenth-century theologian. From 1939 until 1945, he published twelve volumes of Kierkegaard translations and worked very closely with fellow Kierkegaard translator David F. Swenson, who was working from the University of Minnesota.

During his retirement, he traveled and lectured throughout the world. Translations and books by Walter Lowrie from "Goodreads".


  • Other Work

    • Author: The Doctrine of St. John, 1899. Monuments of the Early Church, 1901. The Church and Its Organization, 1904.Gaudium Crucis, 1905. Abba, Father, 1908


Married Barbara Armour, 1918.

Samuel Thompson Lowrie

Elizabeth A. (Dickinson) Lowrie

Barbara Armour