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Member of the Bundesrat

Walter STRUTZENBERGER, Austrian Member of the Bundesrat. Golden Medal for Services to Austria; Golden Service Award to the Province of Vienna; Golden Service Award of the Province of Burgenland; Golden Service Medal of the Red Cross.


STRUTZENBERGER, Walter was born on June 8, 1928 in Vienna, Austria.


Vice President, Federal Detectives’ Section, Civil Service Union, 1959-1967, and President 1967-1973. Chairman of Socialist Group, Civil Service Union, 195967. Member of the Executive Committee, Civil Service Union, 1973-1977, and First Vice President, since 1977.

Chairman, Socialist Trade Unionists’ Group, Civil Service Union, since 1977. Chairman, Central Committee for Civil Servants in the Detective Service, Ministry of the Interior. Chairman, Specialist Committee for Civil Servants in the Detective Service, Vienna Police Headquarters.

Member of Federal Executive, Austrian Federation of Trade Unions, since 1981. Sent to Bundesrat from Vienna Provincial Assembly, member of Bundesrat, since 1982. Vice Chairman of Bundesrat, since 1987.

Chairman of Bundesrat Group, Socialist Reps, and Bundesrat mems. Group; apprentice sewing pattern maker, 1942-1944. Military service and prisoner of war, 1944-1946.

Joined police, 1946; Vienna Security Police. Joined Detective Service, 1952. Vice President. Civil Servants’ Insurance Institute, since 1977.