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Walter Clark Dean

manufacturing executive

Walter Clark Dean, American manufacturing executive. Mayor Albion, 1945-1946; honorary member board trustees Albion College; Member Sigma Chi, Mason.


Dean, Walter Clark was born on October 1, 1898 in Albion, Michigan, United States. Son of George E. and Belle A. (Clark) Dean.


Bachelor, Albion (Michigan) College, 1921. Doctor of Business Administration (honorary), Albion (Michigan) College, 1960. Bachelor of Science, University Michigan, 1922.


With Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company, East Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1922-1924, Union Steel Products Company, Albion, from 1924, vice president, general manager, 1930, president, general manager, 1932-1963, chairman board, from 1962. Director General Portland Cement Company.


The Gospel of Christ is the message that can lead one to salvation. It shows the essential steps that one must take to secure the goal that God wishes all to attain.


Church decisions should be made as openly as possible, giving opportunities for all to contribute. It is important for all views to be heard and taken seriously, especially where Christians disagree.


Mayor Albion, 1945-1946. Honorary member board trustees Albion College. Member Sigma Chi, Mason.


Married Mate W. Wonsey, June 14, 1923. Children: Ethel, Dagmar, Joanna, Jon.


The Church must be self-critical before it presumes to be critical of others.