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Walter Tiree Hudson, American Artist. Active Aaronic and Melchizedek Priesthood, Latter- Day Saints (Mormons) Church With United States Army, Airborne, 1960-1963. Member Lynchburg Stamp Club, Blue Ridge All Airborne Club.


Hudson, Walter Tiree was born on April 10, 1943 in Lynchburg, Virginia, United States. Son of Randolph Ward Hudson and Frances Anderson Tyree.


Electrician diploma, Stratford Career Institute, 2006. Private investigator diploma, Stratford Career Institute, 2006. Sex and drug counselor diploma, Stratford Career Institute, 2006.

Security and police science diploma, Stratford Career Institute, 2006. Teachers aid diploma, Stratford Career Institute, 2006. Computer programmer, Stratford Career Institute, 2006.

English as Second Language diploma, Stratford Career Institute, 2007. Small engine repair diploma, Stratford Career Institute, 2008. Locksmith diploma, Stratford Career Institute, 2008.

Travel and tourism diploma, Stratford Career Institute, 2008. Criminal justice diploma, Stratford Career Institute, 2008. Diploma in Hotel and Restaurant Management, Service Civil International, 2008.


Owner Linchberg Folk Arts, Doggywood Literature Productions. Employee Wal Mart, 2007—2009. Served Airborne United States Army, 1960-1963.


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  • Other Work

    • Exhibitions include Hudson House, 1983, Seven Hills Art Club, 1985, The Framery, 1985—2000, Haley's Antiques, 1985—2002, Lynchburg Public Housing Authority, 1986—2000, Lynchburg Social Services, 1987-1999, Lynchburg Public Library., since 1987, Amelia Pride, 1988, Lynchburg Recreation Department, 1988—2001, Daily Bread, since 1989, Adult Daycare Center-Virginia Baptist Hospital, 1989-1994, Lynchburg Art Festival, 1991, Elks National Home, 1992, Robert Hicks Collection, 1992, Ehrich's Opticians, 1992—2003, Virginia Episcopal School, 1988, G.H. Vander Elst Collection, 1993, University Texas, Houston, 1993, Lynchburg Fine Arts Center, Lynchburg PO, 1994, Lynchburg Voter Registration Office, 1995, Free Clinic of Virginia, 1995—2003, Irby L. Hudson Collection, 1995, Jacob Hunt Show, since 1995, 101 Quinlan St., 1996, Royal County Arts, 1995, Doggiewood Collection, 1996, Linchbird and Linchberg "1997", De Z Night Jump, 1997, 707 Mansfield Avenue, 1998, Ah Holloween Spring, 1998, Spring Fling, 1998-1999, Blue Berg, 1998, Community Market, 1999, Linchbird, Red, White and Blue, 1999, West End Story, 1999, The Mormon Auction, 1999, WSET television News, 1999, Cornucopia, 2000, Mental Blocks, 2000, California Poly of San Luis Obispo, 2000, Linchberg Berginia, 2000, E.C. Glass High School, 2000, Lynchburg Journal, 2001, Social Services, 2001, Facetous Art, 2002, Art Diploma, 2003, High School Diploma, 2003, Melinda's, 2004, McCraws, 2004, Creative Writing Diploma, 2004, Automobile Mechanic Diploma, 2004, Accounting Diploma, 2005, The Best Green House, 2005, Legal Assistant Diploma, 2005, Julio Uchimura Gallery, 2007, Circlevs, Nick Nack Shop, 2009.


Human beings can become like gods. However, this doesn't mean that human beings can grow to replace God. Nor do human beings become equal to God.

Humans can become one with God by becoming part of God - they remain separate beings, but take on the attributes of God.


Active Republican National Committee, 2003, Court St. United Methodist Church, Thomas Road Baptist Church, 1984. Member of 82nd Airborne Division Association, The Statue of Liberty Ellis Island Foundation, Inc. (Millennial Certificate for Philanthropic Recognition 2000), 504th Algemene Bank Nederland Club, Blue Ridge All Airborne Club, Lynchburg Stamp Club.


  • Other Interests

    Avocations: stamp collecting, reading, walking.


Married Patricia Fay Dearing, August 23, 1963 (divorced September 1972). Children: Walter Preston Tyree, William Alfred Dearing.

Randolph Ward Hudson

Frances Anderson Tyree

Patricia Fay Dearing

Walter Preston Tyree Hudson

William Alfred Dearing Hudson