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Warren Weaver

found , executive.

Warren Weaver, American found, executive. Awarded King’s medal for Service Cuase of Freedom, 1948; United States medal for Merit; officer Legion of Honor (France), 1950; Public Welfare medal National Academy Sciences, 1957; Kalinga prize, international literary award, 1965, Arches of Science award Pacific Science Center, 1965.


Weaver, Warren was born on July 17, 1894 in Reedsburg, Wisconsin, United States. Son of Isaiah and Kittie Belle (Stupfell) Weaver.


Bachelor of Science, University Wisconsin, 1916, C.E., 1917, Doctor of Philosophy., 1921, Doctor of Laws, 1948. Doctor of Science, University Sao Paulo 1949, Drexel Institute Technology, 1961, U. Pittsburgh, 1964, New York University, 1964. D.E., Rensselaer Polytech.

Institute, 1962; Doctor of Humane Letters, University Rochester, 1963.


Assistant professor mathematics Throop College, 1917-1918, California Institute Technology, 1919-1920. Assistant professor mathematics University of Wisconsin, 1920-1925, associate professor, 1925-1928, professor, department chairman, 1928-1932. Lecturer University of Chicago, summer 1928.

Director div. natural science General Education Board, 1932-1937. Director div. natural science Rockefeller Foundation, 1932-1955, vice president for natural and medical science, 1955-1959. Chairman basic research group Research and Development Board, Department Defense, 1952-1953.

Chairman Section D-2, 1940-1942, chief applied mathematics panel nat. defense research committee Office of Scientific Research and Development, 1943-1946. Chairman, Naval Research Advisory Panel, 1946-1947. Member War Department Research Advisory Panel, 1946-1947.

Member advising committee on grants Research Corporation, 1947-1951. Member board science consultants Sloan-Kettering Institute on Cancer Research, 1951-1954. Trustee Sloan-Kettering Institute, 1954-1967, Chairman of Commission on science policy, 1955-1959, member Executive Committee 1956-1967, vice president, 1958-1959.

Director, president Public Health Research Institute, City New York, 1961-1963. Member of national science board National Science Foundation, 1956-1960. Trustee Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, 1956-1967, vice president, 1959-1964, consultant science affairs, 1964-1978, member Executive Committee, 1956-1967, honorary trustee, 1967-1978.

Nat. advisory cancer council United States Public Health Service, 1957-1960. Member, vice chairman, member Executive Committee Health Research Council New York City, 1958-1960. Member Government's Committee on Hospital Costs, 1964-1965.

Board of managers Memorial Center for Cancer and Allied Diseases, 1958-1960. Vice Chairman of the Board, Chairman of Commission science policy Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, 1960-1967. Member Executive Committee, manager Memorial Hospital Cancer and Allied Diseases, 1960-1967.

Associate trustee University of Pennsylvania. Trustee, Chairman of the Board non-resident fellow Salk Institute Biological Studies, San Diego. Director Scientists’ Institute Public Information, 1963-1967.

Honorary vice president Academy Religion and Mental Health.


  • Author: The Electromagnetic Field (with Max Mason), 1929. Elementary Mathematical Analysis, 1925. The Mathematical Theory of Communication (with C.E. Shannon), 1949.

    Lady Luck-The Theory of Probability, 1963. Alice in Many Tongues, 1964. United States Philanthropic Foundations: Their History, Structure, Management and Record, 1967.

    Science and Imagination, 1967. (autobiography) Scene of Change, 1970. Editor: The Scientists Speak, 1947.

    Contributor papers on mathematics research in science jours and on general aspects of science in general journals.


Served as Second lieutenant Air Service, 1947-1919. Fellow American Academy Arts and Sciences (past president), (president, Chairman of the Board 1955), American Physical Society. Member American Mathematics Society, Mathematics Association American, American Physiological Society (councillor), American Society Naturalists, American Society Symbolic Logic, Council Library Resources (director 1956-1959), National Academy Sciences, Phi Kappa Sigma, Sigma Xi, Tau Beta Pi.

Member Chr. Michelsens Institutt (Bergen, Norway). Clubs: Cosmos (Washington).


Married Mary Hemenway, September 4, 1919. Children: Warren, Helen Hemenway.

Isaiah Weaver

Kittie Belle (Stupfell) Weaver

Mary Hemenway

Warren Weaver

Helen Hemenway Weaver