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Wayne Tuan Edit Profile

Investment banker

Wayne Tuan, American Investment banker.


Tuan, Wayne was born on January 19, 1961 in Belleville, New Jersey, United States. Son of Kailin and Lia Ba (Chen) Tuan.


AB, University of Chicago, 1981; Master of Business Administration, University of Chicago, 1982.


Investment manager, Prudential Insurance Company American, Newark, 1983-1984; associate, Salomon Brutton Inc., New York City, 1984-1985; associate, Berr, Stearns & Company, Inc., New York City, 1985-1986; vice president, Berr, Stearns & Company, Inc., New York City, 1986-1987; vice president, Goldman, Saens & Company. New York City, 1987-1989, 90-91; White House fellow, Executive Office of President, Washington, 1989-1990; vice president, Bankers Trusts Company. New York City, 1991; associate director, Bear, Stearns & Company, Inc., New York City, since 1991.


Kailin Tuan

Lia Ba (Chen) Tuan