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William Seymour Edit Profile

actor , stage manager

William Seymour, American actor, stage manager. members Burton’s Chambers St.


Seymour, William was born on December 19, 1855 in New York, United States. Son of James and Lydia Eliza (Griffith) S., both then members Burton’s Chambers St. Theatre Company.


Education public and private schools, New York and New Orleans.


E. L. Davenport (and sister of Fanny Davenport), January 8, 1882. Children—May Davenport (Mistress W. Stanley Eckert), Edward L. Davenport, Fanny Davenport (wife of Professor R. M. Field). James W Davenport, John Davenport.

Began at Varieties Theatre, New Orleans, 1862-1865. Played with Joseph Jefferson. New York and Philadelphia, 1866-1867. and at Booth’s Theatre, New York, 1869-1871, Globe Theatre, Boston, 1871-1872.

Stage manager Varieties Theatre. New Orleans (with Lawrence Barrett), 1872-1875. Union Square Theatre.

New York (with A. M. Palmer), 1875-1877, California Theatre. San Francisco (with John McCullough). 1877-1879; acting and stage manager, Boston Museum, 1879-1889, Tremont Theatre, Boston (with Abbey & Schoeffel).

1889-1898; toured country with Sol Smith Russell, 1898-1899. With Maurice Grau, Metropolitan Opera House. 1900-1901; general stage director, 1904-1911. antiquarian.

1911-1916. for Charles Frohman: stage director Punch and Judy Theatre, New York City. 1916-1917; with George C. Tyler, seasons, 1919-1923. and 1925-1926. With Dramatists Theatre, Inc., 1923-1925.


Members Burton’s Chambers St.


Married May, d.; children: May Davenport (Mistress.

James Seymour

Lydia Eliza (Griffith) Seymour


May Davenport (Mrs Seymour