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William Bertrand Hussey, Edit Profile

William Bertrand Hussey,, British public policy executive.


Hussey,, William Bertrand was born on January 5, 1950 in Hertford, England. Son of William Bertrand and Fredricka (Boone) Hussey.


Student, San Jose State College, 1969-1970.


Member, California State Office Economics Opportunity, 1970-1974;director operations, Sequoia Institute, 1975-1979;deputy regional director, Reagan Presidential Campaign, 1980;assistant finance director, 50th American President Inaugural, 1981;special assistant to Assistant Secretary Commerce, 1981-1985;executive director, V.P. Bush's Fund for American's Future, 1986-1989;senior vice president public policy, Hill & Knowlton, 1990-1992;president, Bill Hussey & Associations, since 1992.


Married Laura Cambiaso, May 7, 1978 (divorced February 1985). Married Kim Snowden, December 23, 1994. 1 child, William Snowden.