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William Edward Mc Gowin, American artist. Recipient Oscar for painting, 1977, Painting prize 9th International Painting Festival, Cagnes-sur-Mer, France, 1977, Mississippi Arts and Letters award for visual arts, 1980, Art Commission Design award New York City, 1998; National Endowment for Arts grantee, 1967-1968, 79-80, public outdoor sculpture grantee, 1977, Cassandra Foundation grantee.


Gowin, William Edward Mc was born on June 2, 1938 in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, United States. Son of William Edward and Emily (Ratliff) Mc Gowin.


Bachelor of Science, University Southern Mississippi, 1961. Master of Arts, University Alabama, 1964.


Professor art State University of New York, Old Westbury, since 1978, College Old Westbury. Member of faculty Corcoran Gallery Art, 1966-1977, head sculpture department, 1967-1974. Lecturer in field.


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    • One-man shows include Corcoran Gallery Art, Washington, 1962, 71, 75, Martha Jackson Gallery, New York City, 1968, American Cultural Center, Paris, 1974, Museum Modern Art, Paris, 1978, Brooks Jackson Gallery, Iolas, New York City, 1978-1980, Fendrick Gallery, Washington, 1977-1980, University Colorado, New Orleans Contemporary Art Center, 1982, Project Studios 1, Long Island, New York, Cranbrook Academy, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, 1983, Art Park, Lewiston, New York, 1984, Gracie Mansion Gallery, New York City, 1985-1986, 89, Museum Fine Arts, Miami, Jones, Troyer Gallery, Washington, 1987, 89, 91, Boca Raton (Florida) Museum, 1991, Margulis-Taplin Gallery, Miami, 1993, Paris-New York-Bangkok Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand, 1994, Grey Art Gallery, New York University, 1995, Siipakorn University, Bangkok, 1997, Genkan Gallery, Tokyo, 1997, Mississippi Museum Art, 2000, Osuna Art, Bethesda, Maryland, 2005, Mobile Museum Art, Alabama, 2006, PS1 Museum Modern Art, Long Island, 2006, The Ogden Museum, New Orleans, Los Angeles, 2007, Flint Institute Art, Michigan, 2008, Tallin Kunsethoone, Tallin Estonia, Jan Colle Gallery Ghent, Belgium, 2008, The Mississippi Museum Art, 2009, Herron Institute Art, Indianapolis, 2009. Group shows include Contemporary Museum, The Mississippi Story Master of Science Museum, 2007, Sanghai Art Fair, 2008-2009, Houston, Texas Art, Contemporary Art Center, Whitney Museum, New York City, Detroit Institute Art, Guggenheim Museum, Speed Museum, Kentucky, Cologne (Germany) Art Fair, Zurich Art Fair, Museum Art Historie, Geneva, 2006. Represented in permanent collections Mississippi Museum Art, Phillips Collection, Washington, Indianapolis Museum Art, Addison Museum Art, Andover, Mass, Corcoran Gallery Art, National Collection Fine Arts, Washington, New Orleans Museum Art, Whitney Museum American Art, New York City, Guggenheim Museum, New York City, Hirshorn Gallery and Sculpture Garden, Ogden Museum New Oleans, Cabinet des Estampes Musée d'art Eihistoire, Geneva.

      Permanent commission United States General Service Administration, 1979, VA, Indianapolis, 1985, Percent for Art, New York City, 1992, City of Jubai, Saudi Arabia, 1993, Dallas Rapid Transit Authority, 1994, Queens County New York Supreme Court, 1996, Art in Public Places, Socorro, New Mexico, 1997, Metropolitan Transit Authority State New York, Bayside, 1998, Institute for International Economics, Washington, 2000, St. Marks Gates, Plan de Grass, France, 2002, University Iowa, Cedar Falls, 2003, Clarette Group, New York City, 2004, New Mexico Arts Sculpture, Santa Rosa, 2004-2005, Broward County (Florida) Public Art Commission, 2006, Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue, 2006, Rockville Town Square, Maryland, 2007.


Married Claudia DeMonte, May 28, 1977. Children: Leah, Jill.

William Edward Gowin

Emily (Ratliff) Mc Gowin

Claudia DeMonte

Leah Gowin

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