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William Edwards Stevenson

ambassador , lawyer , college president.

William Edwards Stevenson, American ambassador, lawyer, college president. Decorated Bronze Star; United States Amateur Athletic Union 440 yard champion, 1921, British Amateur Athletic Union champion, 1923; member Olympic Championship 1600 Meter Relay Team, 1924. Served with United States Marine Corps, 1918.; Member American Academy Arts and Sciences, Phi Beta Kappa.; Club: University (New York City).


Stevenson, William Edwards was born on October 25, 1900 in Chicago, Illinois, United States. Son of J. Ross and Florence (Day) Stevenson.


Bachelor of Arts, Princeton, 1922. Master of Arts (Rhodes scholar), Balliol College Oxford (England) University, 1925. Doctor of Humane Letters, Case Institute Technology, 1948, Alfred U., 1969.

Doctor of Laws, Wooster College, 1948, Colorado College, 1950, Princeton, 1956, Fairleigh Dickinson U., 1956, Coe College, 1958. Oberlin College, 1960, San Carlos U., P.I., 1963. Doctor of Letters, Rider College, 1974.


Admitted as barrister-at-law Inner Temple (England). 1925; admitted to New York bar, 1927. Assistant United State Attorneys South District New York, 1925-1927.

Associate with Davis, Polk, Wardwell, Gardiner & Reed, 1927, 29-31. Founding partner Debevoise, Stevenson, Plimpton & Page, New York City, 1931-1946. President Oberlin College, 1946-1959.

United States ambassador to Philippines, 1961-1964. President Aspen Institute Humanistic Studies, 1967-1970. American Red Cross delegate Great Britain, 1942, North Africa and Italy, 1942-1944, vice Chairman of the Board Governors nat. organization, 1965-1971.

Vice chairman League Red Cross Socs. (Geneva), 1965-1973; member President’s Committee on Equality of Treatment and Opportunity in Armed Services, 1948-1950. Educational consultant Japan, India, Lebanon, Egypt for Department State, 1952-1953.

Chairman World Bank Economics Development Commission, Tanganyika, 1959-1960.


Served with United States Marine Corps, 1918. Member American Academy Arts and Sciences, Phi Beta Kappa. Club: University (New York City).


Married Eleanor Bumstead, January 9, 1926. Children: Helen Day (Mistress.

J. Ross Stevenson

Florence (Day) Stevenson

Eleanor Bumstead

Helen Day (Mrs Stevenson