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William Frank Frank Buckley,

magazine editor , writer

William Frank Buckley,, American magazine editor, writer. Member United States Information Agency Advisory Commission, 1969—1972; public member United States delegate 28th General Assembly United Nations, 1973; Conservative Party candidate for mayor New York City, 1965; Fellow: Society Professional Journalists, Sigma Delta Chi; member: Mont Pelerin Society, Philadelphia Society, New York Yacht Club.


BUCKLEY, William was born on November 24, 1925 in New York, United States. Son of William Frank and Aloise (Steiner) Buckley.


Student, University Mexico, 1943. Bachelor, Yale University, 1950. Doctor of Humane Letters (honorary), Seton Hall University, 1966.

Doctor of Humane Letters (honorary), Niagara University, 1967. Doctor of Humane Letters (honorary), Mount St. Mary's College, 1969. Doctor of Humane Letters (honorary), University South Carolina, 1985.

Doctor of Humane Letters (honorary), Converse College, 1988. Doctor of Humane Letters (honorary), University South Florida, 1992. Doctor of Humane Letters (honorary), Adelphi University, 1995.

Doctor of Humane Letters (honorary), Yale University, 2000. Doctor of Humane Letters (honorary), Hillsdale College, 2005. Doctor of Laws (honorary), Syracuse University, 1969.

Doctor of Laws (honorary), St. Peter's College, 1969. Doctor of Laws (honorary), Ursinus College, 1969. Doctor of Laws (honorary), Lehigh University, 1970.

Doctor of Laws (honorary), Lafayette College, 1972. Doctor of Laws (honorary), St. Anselm's College, 1973. Doctor of Laws (honorary), St. Bonaventure University, 1974.

Doctor of Laws (honorary), University Notre Dame, 1978. Doctor of Laws (honorary), New York Law School, 1981. Doctor of Laws (honorary), Colby College, 1985.

Doctor of Letters (honorary), St. Vincent College, 1971. Doctor of Letters (honorary), Fairleigh Dickinson University, 1973. Doctor of Letters (honorary), Alfred University, 1974.

Doctor of Letters (honorary), College William and Mary, 1981. Doctor of Letters (honorary), William Jewell College, 1982. Doctor of Letters (honorary), College St. Thomas, 1987.

Doctor of Letters (honorary), Bowling Green State University, 1987. Doctor of Letters (honorary), Albertus Magnus College, 1987. Doctor of Letters (honorary), Coe College, 1989.

Doctor of Letters (honorary), St. John's University, Minnesota, 1989. Doctor of Letters (honorary), Grove City College, 1991. DScO (honorary), Curry College, 1970.


Instructor Spanish language Yale University, New Haven, 1947-1951. Associate editor American Mercury, New York City, 1952. Founder, president, editor-in-chief National Review, 1955-1990, editor-at-large, 1991—2004.

Syndicated columnist, 1962—2008. Host weekly television show Firing Line, 1966-1999. Froman distinguished professor Russell Sage College, 1973.

Lecturer New School Social Research, 1967—1968. Visiting lecturer Yale University, 1996—1997. Served to Second lieutenant Infantry United States Army, 1944-1946.


  • Other Work

    • God and Man at Yale 1951, Up from Liberalism 1959, Rumbles Lpft and Right 1963, The Unmaking of a Mayor 1966, The Jeweler’s Eye 1968, The Governor Listeth 1970, Cruising Speed 1971. Inveighing We Will Go 1972, Four Reforms 1973, United Nations Journal 1974, Execution Eve 1975, Saving the Queen 1976, Airborne, Stained Glass 1978, A Hymnal 1978, Who's on First 1980, Marco Polo, If You Can 1982, Atlantic High 1982, Overdrive 1983, The Story of Henri Tod 1984, See You Later, Alligator 1985, Right Reason (articles and essays) 1985, The Temptation of Wilfred Malachey 1986, High Jinx 1986, Racing through Paradise 1987, Mongoose R.I.P. 1988, On the Firing Line 1989, Gratitude 1990, Tucker’s Last Stand 1990. Co-author McCarthy and His Enemies 1954.Editor The Committee and Its Critics 1962, Odyssey of a Friend 1970, Did You Ever See a Dream Walking 1970.


Conservative Party candidate for mayor, New York City, 1965. Member United States Information Agency Advisory Commission, 1969-1972. Public member United States delegate to 28th General Assembly United Nations, 1973.

Served to Second lieutenant, infantry Army of the United States, 1944-1946. Fellow Society Professional Journalists, Sigma Delta Chi. Member Council on Fgn.Relations, Mont Pelerin Society.

  • Fellow: Society Professional Journalists

  • Sigma Delta Chi; Mont Pelerin Society

  • Philadelphia Society

  • New York Yacht Club


  • Other Interests

    Skiing, sailing, music.


Married Patricia Aldyen Austin Taylor, July 6, 1950 (deceased April 15, 2007). 1 child Christopher Taylor.

Williiam Frank Buckley

Aloise (Steiner) Buckley

Patricia Aldyen Austin Taylor

Christopher Taylor Buckley,