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Witold Janusz Rudowski

educator , Professor , surgeon

Witold Janusz Rudowski, Polish surgeon, educator. Decorated Silver Cross of Virtuti Militari, 1944, Gold Cross of Merit, 1956, Commander Cross Order of Polonia Restituta, 1979, Medal for Warsaw, 1970, State prize 2d Class, 1972, State prize 2d Class collective, 1978, Prize, Societé International Chirurgie, 1989, Commander Cross Polonia Restituta with star, 1994, Great Cross of Polonia Restituta, 2000.


RUDOWSKI, Witold was born on July 17, 1918 in Piotrkbw Trybunalski. Son of Maksymilian and Stefania Rudowski, judge of Supreme Court of Poland and Stefania Rudowska.


Doctor of Medicine, Clandestine University, Warsaw, 1943. Dr (honorary), Poznan Medical Academy, 1975. Dr (honorary), Warsaw Medical School, 1979.

Dr (honorary), Lodz Medical School, 1980. Dr (honorary), Wroclaw Medical School, 1982. Dr (honorary), Edinburgh University, 1983.

Dr (honorary), Jagiellonian University, 1989. Dr (honorary), Bialystok Medical School, 1990. Dr (honorary), Lublin Medical School, 1993.


Judge of Supreme Court of Poland and Stefania Rudowska. Married 1940; two son one daughter. Professor, of Surgery, Warsaw University 1954-1961, Professor Extraordinary 1961-1970, Professor since 1971.

Consultant Surgeon and Senior Research Worker, Madame M. Curie Cancer Instituts in Warsaw 1948-1964. Director and Head, Department, of Surgery, Institute of Haematology and Blood Transfusion, Warsaw 1964-1988. Deputy Head Department, of Medical Sciences of Polish Academy, of Sciences since 1973.

Chairman Scientific Council to Minister of Health and Social Welfare 1970-1975. Chairman Executive Board 1985-1988. Vice-President Institute Federation Surgical Colleges, President 1975-1978.

Deputy Chairman Polish Haematological Society. President Polish Surgeons’ Society 1980-1983. Honorary Correspondent.

Fellow, American College, of Surgeons 1971, Royal College, of Surgeons of Edinburgh 1972, Royal College, of Surgeons of England 1973, Royal College, of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada 1974, College, of Dutch Surgeons, Swedish Surgical Society, Royal College, of Surgeons in Ireland 1978, Royal Australasian College, of Surgeons 1979, Swiss Surgical Society 1983, German Surgical Association 1984, Italian Surgical Association 1984, College, of Medicine of S.A. 1990. Honorary degree (Poznan Medical Academy) 1975, (Warsaw Medical Academy) 1979, (Lddk Medical Academy) 1980, Wroclaw Medical Academy 1982, Edinburgh University 1983, Jagiellonian Medical Academy 1989. Silver Cross of Virtuti Militari 1944, Gold Cross of Merit 1956, Commander, Cross.


Fellow American College of Surgeons (honorary), Royal College Surgeons Edinburgh, Royal College Surgeons England, Royal College Physicians and Surgeons Canada, Royal College Surgeons Ireland (honorary), Royal Australasian College Surgeons, Academy de Chirurgie, South African College Surgeons, Chile Surgical Society, Academy Surgical Mexico. Member International Society Surgery (honorary), International Federation Surgical Colleges (vice president, president), College Dutch Surgeons (correspondent), Swedish Surgical Society (correspondent), Swiss and German Surgical Society (correspondent), Polish Haematological Society, Polish Association Surgeons, Polish Academy of Sciences, North Pacific Surgical Association, Italian Society Surgical Research, West African College Surgeons (honorary), Warsaw Science Society (president 1995), Czech Society Physicians, Polish Academy of Sciences, Polish Academy Art and Science.


  • Other Interests

    Literature, classical music, photography.


3 children.


Stefania Rudowski, judge of Supreme Court of Poland and Stefania Rudowska