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Y. L. Wu Edit Profile

also known as Wu Jen-li


Admiral Y. L. Woo was a Chinese military man who during his career used to occupy different positions including Chief of Artillery Section of the Board of Navy, director of Military Academy, director of Military Training School, Ministry of Navy.


Admiral Y. L. Woo was born at He-fei Hsien, Anhui province.


Admiral Wu graduated from the Peiyang Naval College.


In the Ching Dynasty Admiral Woo was Second Class Staff Officer of the Board of Navy; Chief of Artillery Section, Department of Naval Operations, Board of Navy; director of Military Academy and director of Military Training School.

After the establishment of the Republic Admiral Woo was appointed a director of the Ministry of Navy in charge of the Ordnance Department.

Admiral Woo’s naval rank was Real Admiral. He was awarded by the Chinese government the Second Class Wenhu Decoration and the Second Class Tashou Paokuang Chiaho.