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Yahya Abdullah AL-MA’LAMY

director , general

Yahya Abdullah AL-MA’LAMY, General Director of the Prisons General Administration.


AL-MA’LAMY, Yahya Abdullah was born in 1929.


Master of Arts. (Police Administration).


Police officer in Abha. Chief of Police in Qangharah. Chief of Police in Yanbu.

District-Chief, Mecca. Director of the Riyadh Police Administration. Head of Criminal Investigations, Riyadh.

Director of the Security Service Cultural Office, of the Traffic Administration, of the Police Emergency Service, of the Services Administration, of the Criminal Offences Department. Attended International Association of Police Organizations Conference, Vienna 1956, International Traffic Conference, Paris 1965, International Traffic Conference, Morocco 1968. United Nations Traffic Regulations Conference 1968, International Conference on Road Accidents, Kyoto 1969, International Conference for Road Safety.

General Director of the Prisons General Administration.


  • Security and Society, Security and Planning (forthcoming), Road Manners (forthcoming).


Even if you can keep secrets in the earthly life, you cannot hide them from Allah. You will have to face judgment for everybody hurt by your action.


  • Other Interests

    Reading, swimming.