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Yankel Ginzburg, Kazakh Artist. Recipient 1st prize Bat-Yam Museum Art Comeptition, 1965, Humanitarian Honor award First Class from President Yeltsin and Supreme Soviet of the Russian Federation, 1992; art book Ginzburg: The Russian Collection published by Russian Academy Arts in his honor, 1992.


Ginzburg, Yankel was born on March 23, 1945 in Alma-Ata, Khazakhstan, Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics. Came to the United States, 1968. Naturalized, 1977.


Educated, Institute Art, Israel.


Professor drawing and art, Institute Fine Arts, Tel Aviv, 1965-1967.


  • Other Work

    • First museum show Museum Beit Zvi, Israel, 1966. First United States solo exhibition Washington Gallery Art, 1968. Partial listing of one man shows includes Beit-Ziv Gallery, Ramat-Gan, Israel, 1966, Marc Chagall Museum, Haifa, Israel, 1966, Gera Gallery, Tel Aviv, 1967, Ida Kimche Gallery, Haifa, Israel, 1966, Bonnino Gallery, New York City, 1969, Agra Gallery, 1970, Bodely Gallery, New York City, 1971, O'Hana Gallery, London, 1974, Benezit Gallery, Paris, 1974, International Art Fair, Cologne, Federal Republic Germany, 1975, EP Gallery, Dusseldorf, Federal Republic Germany, 1975, Guildhall Galleries, Chicago, 1976, Janus Gallery, Washington, 1977, Cairo (Egypt) Museum, 1979, Gallery Hawaii, 1980, Gallery Virgin Islands, 1980, Dyansen Galleries, California, Louisiana, New York, Massachusetts, Japan, 1989, Bronte Contemporary Arts, Boston, 1992.

      Group shows include Young Artists Biennial, Rome, 1962, National Museum Israel, Jerusalem, 1965, Rome Biennale (winner Silver medal), 1972, Masters Exhibit Philadelphia Museum Art, 1978, Martin Lawrence Galleries, Los Angeles, Moscow Academy of Arts Museum, 1992. Exhibitions Asia, 1993, Singapore, 1993, Hong Kong, 1993, Vincent Lee Fine Arts, 1993. Represented in permanent collections National Museum Israel, Martin Luther King Library.

      , Washington, Bat Yam Museum, Israel, Marc Chagall Museum, Museum Modern Art, Johannesburg, Republic Son of Africa. Commissions include mural B'nai Brith, Jerusalem, 1973, monumental tapestry American Bicentennial, Freedom Road, Washington, 1976, monumental mural Hands and Hearts, Washington, 1979, 3 graphics commemorating Bicentennial of the Constitution, 1985, monumental sculpture Invisible Hands, Tampa, Florida, 1986, Monument for Freedom and Democracy commissioned by Boris Yeltsin. Author: The Art of Yankel Ginzburg, 1985.

      Subject numerous articles, also art film documentary, 1979.


Volunteer distribution food and medical equipment, Cambodia, 1979, volunteer distribution Moscow and Kalinin, 1991. Established Fund for Democracy and Development (Richard Nixon honorary chairman), 1991. With Israeli Army, 1963-1965, 67.

Member International Art Association, Society Art Collectors (founder), Fund for Democracy and Development (founder).


Married Pamela Ginsburg, December 10, 1983. 1 child, Aviel.

Pamela Ginsburg

Aviel Ginzburg