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Ye-Young Chan Edit Profile

also known as Chen Ju-hsuan

government official

Mr. Chan worked in the sphere of education and was known as an official.


Chan Ye Young was born in Hsinning, Kwangtung, February 25, 1894.


Chan Ye Young graduated from Whampoa Military School, 1910. In 1912 went io America on a Government Scholarship and entered the University of Illinois in 1914 to study political economy, graduating in 1918 with Bachelor of Arts degree. Then he transferred to Columbia University in the fall of 1918, studying law and political science, receiving Master of Arts and Bachelor of Laws degrees in 1920.


Chan Ye Young returned to China via Europe in 1921 and was appointed a professor at the Peking Normal College. Later in the same year, became editor of the monthly magazine of Shanghai Chinese General Chamber of Commerce. In 1923 he was appointed a dean of the department of political economy of the National South-eastern University at Nanking, and served as acting President of the University and concurrently director of the general affairs department from 1925 to 1927.

Mr. Chan came to Shanghai in the fall of 1927 and became professor of political science at the Kwanghwa University and concurrently dean of the department of liberal arts of the same university (1928). In 1929 he was appointed a secretary of National Reconstruction Commission of the National Government, and promoted chief secretary of the Commission in October, the same year, which latter position he held till 1932. Toward the end of 1932 he was appointed a member of the Legislative Yuan, concurrently member of the Constitutional Drafting Committee of the same Yuan.


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    • "Federal Government"

    • "Political and Constitutional History of the Republic"

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