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Yekaterina Nikolaevna SPERANSKAYA Edit Profile


Yekaterina SPERANSKAYA, USSR Endocrinologist. Professor; Doctor of Medicine Science; corresponding member, USSR Academy of Medical Science, since 1957; Head, Laboratory of the Physiology of Endocrine Glands, Pavlov Institute of Physiology, USSR Academy of Science, since 1950. Order of Lenin.


SPERANSKAYA, Yekaterina was born in 1899.


1923 graduated 1st Leningrad Medicine Institute.


Deputy Chairman, Leningrad Society of Endocrinologists. Board member, Leningrad Society of Physiologists. Member, Editor Council, journal “Problemy endokrinologii i gormonoterapii” (Problems of Endocrinology and Hormone Therapy).

Founded Laboratory of the Physiology of Endocrine Glands at Physiological Institute, Leningrad University. Obtained new data on innervation of perisebaceous and dermal glands, blood vessels and liver, etc. Explained the reaction of these organs to various physiological stimulants and ascertained paths by which stimulation reaches the organ.

Studied effects of several hormones and pharmacological substances on cardiovascular system. Obtained new data on disturbance of the liver’s barrier function in endocrine shifts. Developed a new operative method of studying function of the liver.

Proved that cerebral cortex affects the course of experimental diabetes mellitus and parathyreoprival tetany. Studied effects of several endocrine glands on the activity of cerebral cortex, on the motility of the stomach and the small intestine, on the secretion of gastric and intestinal glands and on water metabolism. 1920-1932 laboratory worker and Assistant, Leningrad Institute of Experimental Medicine.

1923-1941 Assistant, Chair of Physiology, 1st Leningrad Medicine Institute, then Assistant, lecturer and Professor, Chair of Physiology, Leningrad University. 1933-1945 Head, Laboratory of Endocrinology, Institute of Experimental Medicine. 1941-1945 surgeon at a military hospital.

1945-1950 Head, Laboratory of Endocrinology, Pavlov Institute of Evolutionary Physiology and the Pathology of Higher Nervous Activity, USSR Academy of Medical Science.