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Yeldur Padmanabha Venkatesh Edit Profile

Biochemist , Immunologist

Yeldur Padmanabha Venkatesh, Indian biochemist, immunologist. Recipient Central Food Technological Research Institute Foundation Day award, 2005; Research fellow, University Grants Commission, 1975-1979, National Research Service fellow, National Institutes of Health, 1984-1985.


Venkatesh, Yeldur Padmanabha was born on December 2, 1953 in Kalale, Karnataka, India. Arrived in the United States, 1981. Son of Padmanabha and Anasuya (Bai) Rao.


Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, Bangalore University, India, 1970. Master of Science in Biochemistry, University Mysore, 1974. Doctor of Philosophy in Biochemistry, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, 1981.


Lecturer biochemistry Kasturaba Medical College, Manipal, India, 1974-1975. Postdoctoral fellow Washington University School Medicine, St. Louis, 1981-1983, National Institutes of Health trainee in immunology, 1984-1985. Research associate Smith Kline & French Laboratories, King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, 1985-1987.

Research scientist ImmunoGen, Inc., Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1987-1992, senior research scientist, 1992-1995. Scientist fellow Central Food Technological Research Institute, Mysore, India, 1996-1997, scientist India, since 1997. Overseas associate Government of India Department of Biotechnology Florida State University, Tallahassee, 2002—2003.


  • Achievements include research in protein structure-function relationships in bovine pancreatic ribonuclease A, human complement protein C3, ricin, blocked ricin, and monoclonal antibodies. Development of affinity chromatography media for separation of biologicals. Development of novel cross-linkers for the preparation of antibody heteroconjugates, protocols for removal of toxic contaminants and minimizing aggregation in the proprietary toxin (blocked ricin) and immunotoxins.

    Development of influence of chemical deglycosylation on the biological properties of blocked ricin. Development of first demonstration that a single amino acid substitution affects the kinetics of protein folding in ribonuclease A. Development of evidence for third galactose binding site in ricin B-chain, chemistry and biology of food allergens.

    Mannitol in pomegranate and mushroom. Development of 21 kD allergen (thaumatin-like protein) in sapodilla. Development of horsegram lectin (Dol b Agglutinin).

    Development of 60-71 kD allergens (polyphenol oxidase) in eggplant. Development of almond profilin (Pru du 4). Development of generation of antibodies to haptens (mannitol, erythritol, and xylitol) for development immunoassays for specific sugar alcohols.

    Development of role of lectins (potato, banana, garlic and horsegram) in non-allergic food hypersensitivity. Development of non-specific activation of basophils/mast cells by dietary lectins. Immunomodulators from plant sources (garlic, onion, guduchi).


  • Other Work

    • Contributor articles to professional journals in biochemistry, immunology and allergology.


Fellow: Indian College Allergy, Asthma and Applied Immunology (life). Member: Board Studies Bioscience, University Mysore, Indian Academy Allergy, Indian Immunology Society, Association Food Scientists and Technologists (India), Society Biological Chemists (India), Indian Institute of Science Alumni Association.


Married Poornima Venkatesh, June 26, 1981. 1 child Madhava.

Padmanabha Rao

Anasuya (Bai) Rao

Poornima Venkatesh

Madhava Venkatesh