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Yevgeniy Mikhaylovich TAREEV

Clinician and therapeutist

Yevgeniy TAREEV, USSR Clinician and therapeutist. Professor 1936; Doctor of Medicine Science since 1935; full member, USSR Academy of Medical Science, since 1948; Professor, and Head, Chair of Propedeutics of Internal Diseases and Hospital Therapy, Sechenov 1st Moscow Medicine Institute, since 1951; Honoured Worker of Science Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic since 1948. Order of Lenin; Order of Red Banner of Labor; medals.


TAREEV, Yevgeniy was born in 1895.


1917 graduated Medical Faculty, Moscow University.


1946-1948 corresponding member, USSR Academy of Medical Science. Deputy, Moscow Oblast Soviet of Workers’ Deputy, and Chairman of its Commission on Public Health. Since 1958 Chairman, Commission on Problem of Epidemic Hepatitis, USSR Academy of Medical Science.

Presidium member, All-Union Society of Therapeutists. Deputy Chairman, Moscow Society of Therapeutists. Со-Editor, “Internal Diseases” section, “Bolshaya meditsinskaya entsiklopediya” (Large Medical Encyclopedia), 2nd edition.

Deputy Editor, journal “Sovetskaya meditsina” (Soviet Medicine). Member, Editor Council, journals “Klinicheskaya meditsina” (Clinical Medicine), “Meditsinskaya parazitologiya” (Medical Parasitology) and “Parazitarnye bolezni” (Parasitic Diseases). Chairman, Experts Commission on Therapy, Higher Certifying Commission, Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic Minister of Higher Education.

1956 attended 4th International Congress of Internists, Madrid. 1959 attended 2nd International Congress on Gastroenterology, Karlovy Vary, Czechoslovakia. Presented numerous papers in France on Soviet research on internal diseases.

Works deal with internal medical, general pathology, hematology, infectious diseases, etc. 1917-1936 intern, then lecturer, Hospital Therapy Clinic, then Faculty Therapy Clinic, Moscow University. 1929-1951 Head of Clinic, Institute of Malaria, Medicine Parasitology and Helminthology.

1936-1951 Professor, Chair of Faculty Therapy, 3rd Moscow Medicine Institute.


Religion is always aggressive against any new scientific ideas.


Marxism–Leninism as the only truth could not, by its very nature, become outdated.