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Yevgeniy Dmitriyevich Ashurkov Edit Profile

Public health official , poet , prose writer

Yevgeniy Dmitriyevich Ashurkov was a public health official, poet and prose writer.


Yevgeniy Dmitriyevich Ashurkov was born in 1908.


Yevgeniy Dmitriyevich Ashurkov graduated from Medical Faculty at Voronezh State University (1930).


Yevgeniy Dmitriyevich Ashurkov was an assistant Chair of Skin and Venereal Diseases. In 1935 defended candidate thesis.

From 1948 head of the Department of Skin Venereal Diseases, Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic Ministry of Health. Then head of the Higher Medical Institutions Board, Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic Ministry of Health. In 1950-1951 Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic Deputy Minister of Health.

From 1951 Yevgeniy Dmitriyevich worked at Public Health Organisation Institute and Semashko Institute of Med History. For a number of years director, Semashko Institute of Medical History. From 1960 chief editor, newspaper "Meditsinskiy rabotnik", simultaneously head, Chair of Public Health Organisation, 2nd Moscow Medical Institute.


As long as the public believes in religion, they will not attempt to make any genuine effort to understand and overcome the real source of their suffering.


Communist Party is the leading force of Soviet society, and the nucleus of all state and public organizations.