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Yoav KISLEV, economist in the field of Agriculture; Economic Development Models; Balance of Payments.


KISLEV, Yoav was born in 1932 in Haifa, Israel.


Bachelor of Science (Agriculture), Master of Science (Agriculture) Hebrew University, 1960, 1961. Doctor of Philosophy University Chicago, 1965.


Lector, Hebrew University, 73. Senior Lector, 1973-1976. Visiting Scholar, Economics Growth Centre, Yale University, 1970-1972.

Visiting Association Professor, University Minnesota, 1978-1979. Association Professor Agriculture Economics, Hebrew University, Rehovot, Israel.


My main interest has been the economics of technical change. I started by studying the diffusion of innovations in agriculture and developed the notion of an innovation cycle — from the better to the less skilled farmer. Later I worked (with R. Evenson) on the economics of agricultural research, both theoretically and empirically.

My latest interest has been in the changing structure of the farm as a result of technical progress. Also interested in inflation and balance of payment questions, I have attempted to apply the monetary approach to the balance of payments to Israel’s experience.