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Yoshito Sengoku Edit Profile

Japanese government official , Japanese legislator

Yoshito Sengoku, Japanese government official, Japanese legislator.


Sengoku, Yoshito was born on January 15, 1946 in Japan.


Attended, University Tokyo College Arts and Sciences, 1964—1966. Attended, University Tokyo Faculty Law, 1966—1969.


Legal apprentice, Japan, 1969—1971. Lawyer Japan, since 1971. Member of Parliament Tokushima constituency at-large Diet (House of Representatives), Japan, 1990—1993, Member of Parliament Tokushima northern 1 constituency Japan, since 1996.

State minister in charge of government revitalization and civil service reform Government of Japan, 2009—2010, minister state government revitalization, civil service reform and national policy, 2010, minister state new public commons, civil service reform and national policy, 2010, minister state for abduction issue, since 2010, minister justice, since 2010. Former member Social Democratic Party, Japan. Member Democratic Party Japan, since 1996, chairman policy research committee, 1996, 2004, deputy secretary general, 1997—1998, 2006—2010, head vice secretary general, 1998—2006, director planning bureau, 1999—2000, chairman planning committee, 2000—2002, leader Chugoku, Shikoku and Kyushu blocks, 2001—2002, chairman secondary political operating committee, 2002, chairman research commission on the Constitution, 02, chairman economic strategy council, 2002—2003, president committee on considering religion and politics, 2003, chairman political power preparatory committee, 03, chief cabinet secretary, 2004—2006, since 2010, chairman think-tank establishing preparatory committee, 2005.