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Yueh-Jan Chou Edit Profile

also known as Tseu Yih-zan

educator , author

Mr. Chou occupied different positions in the sphere of education in China, was an author of numerous books and articles.


Chou Yueh-Jan was born in Huchow, Zhejiang, China, in 1885.


Mr. Chou received his early education at home after which he attended Memphis Academy, Huchow, and Futan College, Shanghai, and received his Chinese degree of Hsiu Tsai in 1903. Than he received an honorary degree of Bachelor of Arts from Futan University in 1921.


In the course of his career Chou Yueh-jan held the following positions: instructor of English, Provincial College, Soochow, Jiangsu (Kiangsu), professor of English, Provincial College, Anqing (Anking), Anhui (Anhwei) and professor of English, National Institute, Shanghai, dean of English, Government Normal College, Nanking.

Mr. Chou was a Dean of English Course, Commercial Press Correspondence Schools, Commercial Press, Ltd., Shanghai. He had a good collection of books printed in the Sung, Yuen, early Ming and early Ching dynasties.


He was married and had two sons and four daughters.