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Yuriy Sergeevich RYTKHEU


Yuriy RYTKHEU, Chukchi writer.


RYTKHEU, Yuriy was born in 1930 in village Uellen, Chukotka National Okrug, Kamchatka Oblast.


Graduated Leningrad University.


Worked as hunter, stevedore and sailor. 1947 began literature work with newspaper "Sovetskaya Chukotka” (Soviet Chukotka). First writer in the hist, of Chukchi people.


  • Short stories: Friends and Comrades, People of our Coast 1953, When the Snow Melts (novel) 1960, The Sorceress of Konerga 1960, The Saga of Chukotka 1960, Farewell to the Gods (short stories) 1961, Nunivak (tales) 1963, The Magic Gauntlet (novel) 1963, In the Vale of the Little Sunbeams (novel) 1963, The Walrus of Dissent (stories) 1964, Blue Foxes (stories) 1964, Wings Are Becoming Stronger in Flight (novel) 1964, Bear Stew (verses) 1965, The Finest Ships 1967, Dream at the Onset of Mist 1969, Frost on the Threshold 1971, The Harpoon Thrower 1971, White Snows (novel) 1975, When the Whales Depart 1976, Contemporary Legends 1980, The Magic Numbers (novel) 1985, Island of Hope (novel) 1987.


CPSU since 1967.