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Yury Nikolaevich Makarov

engineer , manager

Makarov Yury Nikolaevich is a Belarusian engineer. He is mentioned among the most prominent managers of Minsk Tractor Works (MTZ) which is one of the largest manufacturers of agricultural machinery worldwide. Yury Makarov has the unique management style based on deep understanding of employees' personalities.


Yu. N. Makarov was born on November 17, 1978 in the town of Smolevichi, a regional center not far from Minsk. He is a son of Valentina and Nikolay Makarov.


He studied in Smolevichi Secondary School No. 3. After completing the secondary education Yu. Makarov entered the State Politechnical College in the town of Zhodino and succesfully graduated it in 1997.

In 1997 Yury became a student of the State College of Aviation in Minsk which later was renamed as Belarusian State Academy of Aviation. After two years of traning he decided to change his area of specialization and entered Belarusian State Agricultural Academy (BSAA). He graduated BSAA in 2004, degree in engineering.


After graduating Zhodino State Politechnical College Yury Makarov worked at several industrial enterprises in Smolevichi. Since 2004 he took the position of engineer at Minsk Traktor Works (Minsky Traktorny Zavod - MTZ) which was one of the largest manufacturers of agricultural machinery worldwide. After several years at MTZ he was promoted to a сhief of productional division.

His unique approach to solving issues made him one of the most prominent young managers and brought him lots of respect and consideration from the MTZ employees.


Yury considers the democracy as the most challenging form of government. All the people should be able to have their say in one way or another in everything that affects their lives. The real struggle today for democracy is to maintain itself in the face of the changing 21st century world, and to continue to refine itself into a better and more complete democracy in spite of corporate greed, terrorism or blunders by our governments.


Despite being a good manger, Yuri Makarov is also known for his good sense of humor. He knows how to respond to the flow of conversation in ways that are creative and entertaining.