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Yuval Ne'eman Edit Profile

Physics educator , Israeli government official

Yuval Ne'eman, Israeli government official, physics educator. Named associate International Center for Theoretical Physics United Nations, 1965-1968; recipient Weizmann Prize for Exact Sciences, 1966, Rothschild Prize, 1968, Israel Prize for the Exact Sciences, 1969, Albert Einstein medal and award, 1970, College de France Medal, 1972, Wigner medal, 1982.


Ne'eman, Yuval was born on May 14, 1925 in Tel Aviv. Son of G'daliyahu and Zipporah Ne'est.


Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Technion University, Haifa, Israel, 1945. Certified in Master of Engineering, Technion University, Haifa, Israel, 1946. Doctor of Philosophy, London University, 1962.

Doctor of Science (honorary), Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, 1966. Doctor of Science (honorary), Yeshiva University, 1972. Doctor of Science (honorary), Clausthal Technology University, 1990.


Group leader, Israel Soreq Research, Israel, 1961-1963;assistant professor, Tel Aviv U., Israel, 1962;professor physics, Tel Aviv U., 1965;Pollak chair of physics, Tel Aviv U., 1969-1976;president, Tel Aviv U., 1971-1975;Wolfson chair extrodinary in theoretical physics, Tel Aviv U., since 1977;director Sackler Institute Advanced Studies, Tel Aviv U., since 1979;research fellow, California Institute Technology, Pasadena, 1963-1964;visiting professor, California Institute Technology, Pasadena, 1964-1965;professor physics, University Texas, Austin, 1968;director Center for Particle Theory, University Texas, Austin, 1968;member, Knesset, Jerusalem, 1981-1990;minister science and development, Israeli Cabinet, Jerusalem, 1982-1984;minister science and technical, minister energy and infrastructure, Israeli Cabinet, Jerusalem, 1990-1992. Member Israel Atomic Energy Commission, 1965-1982, acting chairman, 1982-1984, defense chief scientist, 1974-1976. Chairman Hatehiya Proprietary, 1979-1992, Israel Space Agency, 1982.

Associate member Institute Strategic Studies, 1959-1980.


President National Association for Children with Mental Deficiencies, 1969-1975. Active Public Committee for Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics Jewry, 1971-1982. Chairman Scientists Committee for Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics Jewry, 1971-1982.

Board governors Israel Council on Foreign Relations, since 1987. Colonel Israeli Defense Forces 1948-1960. Fellow American Physical Society, Institute Physics and Physical Society.

Member Israel National Academy of Sciences and Humanities, Israel Physical Society, International Astronomical Union (member commission 47 Cosmology, 48 High Energy Astrophysics), American Association for the Advancement of Science (foreign honorary member), National Academy of Sciences United States (foreign associate), New York Academy of Sciences (honorary life member), Imperial College (diploma 1962), Academy des Sciences Paris (presented 1972).


Married Dvora Rubinstein-Schiff, 1951. Children: Anath, Tidal.

G'daliyahu Ne'est

Zipporah Ne'est

Dvora Rubinstein-Schiff

Anath Ne'eman

Tidal Ne'eman