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Zein El Abedin DABBAGH

ambassador , head

Zein El Abedin DABBAGH, Ambassador at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Head of the Legal and Conferences Department since 1975.


DABBAGH, Zein El Abedin was born in 1925.


Bachelor of Arts (Political Science), University of Washington 1950. Master of Arts. (International Relations), University of Connecticut 1952. Further studies towards Doctor of Philosophy (International Law) under Professor Herbert W. Briggs, Cornell University, completed all requirements except thesis, 1953, 1955.


Temporary assignment at Saudi Arabian Mission to the United Nations 1952-1953. Joined Diplomatic Service, Ministry of Foreign Affairs 1955. Third Secretary, Saudi Arabian Embassy, Tokyo, Japan 1957-1959.

Assistant Deputy Chief, Saudi Arabian Permanent Mission to the United Nations, New York. Saudi Arabian Representative in the Sixth Legal Committee of the General Assembly 1959-1964. Counsellor, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Head, Legal and Conferences Department 1964-1966.

Minister Plenipotentiary and Chargd d’Affaires, Saudi Arabian Embassy, Taipei, Taiwan 1966-1973. Ambassador, Political Assistant to the late Foreign Minister Mr. Omar Saqqaf 1973-1974.

Member of Saudi Arabian Delegation to the Japanese Peace Conference, San Francisco 1951. Deputy Chief, Saudi Delegation to the United Nations Conference for Trade and Development (UNCTAD), Geneva, Switzerland 1964. Member of Saudi Delegation to the Non-Aligned Conference of Heads of States, Cairo, Egypt 1964.

Member of Saudi Preparatory Committee for the Non-Aligned Conference of the Heads of States, Algeria 1965. Head, Saudi Delegation to the Conference on the Development of Humanitarian Law during Armed Conflict, Geneva, Switzerland 1975. Head, Saudi Delegation to the United Nations Second Conference of the Law of the Sea, Geneva, Switzerland 1975.

Attended fourteen Sessions of the United Nations General Assembly. Member of American Society of International Law. Ambassador at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Head of the Legal and Conferences Department since 1975.


Life did not begin at birth, but a long time before that, even before the creation of the first man. It began when God created the souls of everyone who would ever exist.


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