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Zoia Alekseevna Fedorova

film actress

Zoia Fedorova, USSR Film actress.


Fedorova, Zoia was born on December 21, 1909.


Graduated from the Moscow Theatre School, 1934.


Became a very popular film actress in the 1930-1940s. Comedienne. At a diplomatic reception in early 1945, met an American officer, fell in love and became involved in an affair with him. Soon after the birth of her daughter, she was arrested, accused of being an American spy and sent to the Gulag for 25 years.

Released and rehabilitated after Stalin’s death, she set about finding the father of her daughter, and was eventually successful. The matter became of international concern when her daughter Viktoria, and she herself went to visit him in the USA. Continued to pester the Soviet authorities for a visa, and the western press documented her every step. Soon found murdered in her flat.

The investigation found no trace of forced entry.