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Producer and actor

A. LAUTER, USSR Producer and actor. Chief Producer, Estonia Vancmuyne Music and Drama Theater, Tartu, since 1953; Popular Artist of USSR since 1948. Stalin Prize, 1952; 0. of Red Banner of Labor; Order of Lenin 1956; medals.


LAUTER, A. was born in 1894.


191344 actor, 1944-1949 Director and Artistic Director, “Estonia” Theater, Tallinn. 1949-1951 Chief Producer, Tallinn Drama Theater, which resulted from the fusion of the drama group of the “Estonia” Theater and the New Theater. 1951-1953 actor, Estonia Vanemuyne Music and Drama Theater, Tartu.

Productions: Gorky's “Vragi” (The Enemies) (1946). Simonov’s “Russky vopros” (The Russian Question) (1947). Yakobson’s “Dva lagerya” (Two Camps) (1948).

Gogol's “Revizor” (The Inspector General) (1954), etc. Roles: Othello in Shakespeare's “Othello”. Vershinin in Chekhov's “Tri sestry” (Three Sisters).

Eynari in Grin’s “Wind from the South”, etc.