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Abdul Ghafoor Mohamad BEN OMAR


Abdul Ghafoor Mohamad BEN OMAR, Director of Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mecca.


BEN OMAR, Abdul Ghafoor Mohamad was born in 1946 in Medina, Saudi Arabia.


Diploma in teacher’s training.


Clerk at A1 Zahid Company, Jeddah. Employee at Muslim World League. Cashier and Accountant, Mecca Establishment for Printing and Information.

Headmaster, Al-Elmiah Al-Kubra. Member of several charity organizations and has played an active part in collecting donations for Tahfeezul Koran Society (Recitation of Koran), Mecca. Director of Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mecca.


Every Muslims should make a great effort to live as Allah has instructed them. Following the rules of the faith, being devoted to Allah, doing everything they can to help other people.


  • Other Interests

    Reading, especially religious and history books.