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Abdul Rahman Salih Al-Fedal AL-TUNISSY

Director-General of A1 Thagr Model Schools

Abdul Rahman Salih Al-Fedal AL-TUNISSY, Director-General of A1 Thagr Model Schools.


AL-TUNISSY, Abdul Rahman Salih Al-Fedal was born in 1934 in Medina, Saudi Arabia.


Bachelor of Arts (Sociology).


Inspector of social education. Social expert-adviser, Ministry of Education. Director of External Relations, Ministry of Education.

Director of Physical Education and Activities, Ministry of Education. Director-General of Youth Affairs, Ministry of Education. Secretary of the Saudi Scouts Society.

Member of the Saudi Red Crescent Society. Member of Supreme Council of King Abdulaziz University, Supreme Council for Youth Welfare. Member of the Tributory Committee for Hajj Pilgrimage.

Contributed in developing physical and artistic education grammars in Saudi Schools. Helped in laying down the administrative system for the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. Participated in the meeting of the International Education Bureau in Geneva, Illiteracy Conference in Teheran, Arab Ministers of Education Conference, Kuwait, Social Development Conference in Beirut.

Director-General of A1 Thagr Model Schools.


Our life is a journey that presents many paths. But only one path is clear and straight. This path is the path of good Muslim life.


  • Other Interests

    Photography, swimming.