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Abdulaziz Ahmad SAAB

Director-General , Medina Electric Company

Abdulaziz Ahmad SAAB, Director-General, Medina Electric Company. Arz Lebanese National Order; Gold Medal, Syria.


SAAB, Abdulaziz Ahmad was born in 1926 in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.


General Secondary School Certificate.


Registrar, Ministry of Finance and National Economy. Manager of Israel Boycotting Office, Ministry of Commerce. Director-General of Administration, Ministry of Commerce.

Assistant President of Medina Chamber of Commerce and Industry. SecretaryGeneral of Medina Charity Society. Member of Board, Yanbu Cement Company, Madina Press and Publications Organization.

Member of United Conference of Arabic Chambers of Commerce. Member of Board, King Abdulaziz University branch in Medina. Director-General, Medina Electric Company.


  • Articles in local press. Radio and TV talks.


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