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Abdulla Adzhievich ADZHI-MOLLAEV


Abdulla ADZHI-MOLLAEV, USSR Roentgenologist. Professor; Doctor of Medicine Science; Head, X-Ray Dept, Deputy Director and Director of Studies, Uzbek Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics, Tashkent, since 1946; member, Learned Council, Uzbek Ministry of Health. Order of Red Star; medals.


ADZHI-MOLLAEV, Abdulla was born in 1899.


1927 graduated Medical Faculty, Central Asian University, Tashkent.


Board member, Uzbek Society of Roentgenologists and Uzbek Orthopedic Society. Member, Editor Council, “Meditsinsky zhumal Uzbekistana” (Medical Journal of Uzbekistan). Developed an original method of dynamic clinico-roentgenological and clinicofunctional examination of patients suffering from penetrating thoracic wounds.

Devised a method of pneumographic and roentgenkymographic recording of external respiration in studying the sequelae of thoracic wounds and analysed pneumograms and respiratory kymograms for studies of respiration. 1949, together with engineer N. Nazarov, designed a simplified roentgenotomograph. Works deal with: X-ray diagnosis and therapy of malig nant and benign tumors.

Osteochondropathy; fibrous osteodystrophy. Bone traumas and their sequelae. Effects of radiation sickness on the consolidation of bone fractures.

Pain sensation and foreign body carriers in the thoracic cavity and secondary hemoptysis due to them. Author of over 50 works. 1927-1930 intern, Chair of Roentgenology, Central Asian University.

1931-1941 roentgenologist, Murmansk and Transcaucasian Railroads. 1942-1946 military roentgenologist in Soviet Army.