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Abdullah Abdul Rahman JIFRY Edit Profile

editor , journalist , newspaper , writer

Abdullah Abdul Rahman JIFRY, leading journalist and story writer; former Editor of Okaz daily newspaper.


JIFRY, Abdullah Abdul Rahman was born in 1938 in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.


Received Secondary School education supplemented by extensive reading.


Journalist, Okaz daily newspaper. Literary Editor of Al Bilad weekly magazine. Sub-Editor, Al Bilad daily newspaper.

Editor, Okaz daily newspaper. Leading journalist and story writer. Former Editor of Okaz daily newspaper.


  • Other Work

    • Writes a well-known daily column in daily newspapers entitled ‘Shadows’. Two collections of short stories. Numerous short stories in Saudi newspapers.


To ensure the preservation of human life, Allah legislated for marriage, healthy eating and living, and forbid the taking of life and laid down punishments for doing so.


  • Other Interests

    Reading, travel.