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Abdullah Mohamad Ali AL-DABBAGH

businessman , minister , major

Abdullah Mohamad Ali AL-DABBAGH, major businessman (poultry raising industry), and former Minister of Agriculture.


AL-DABBAGH, Abdullah Mohamad Ali was born in 1922 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.


Bachelor of Arts (Agronomy).


Former secretary, Agriculture Directorate. Director, Plant Protection Division, Agricultural Affairs Directorate. Director-General of Agricultural Affairs, Ministry of Agriculture.

DirectorGeneral, Ministry of Agriculture. Minister of Agriculture. Former member of Board of PETROMIN (Petroleum and Minerals Organization), Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Jeddah.

Member of Constituent Board, King Abdulaziz University. Former Director-General of Al Bilad Press and Publishing Organization. Attended several FAO Regional and International Conferences, Arab League Conferences on Locusts.

Now major dealer in egg-producing farms, egghatching plants and animal fodder plants. Major businessman (poultry raising industry), and former Minister of Agriculture.


All true Muslims have to fight with their selfish desires and suppress them.


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