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Adnan Saddiq NOUH

engineering , managing director

Adnan Saddiq NOUH, Managing Director of Computer Centre, Faculty of Engineering, Riyadh University.


NOUH, Adnan Saddiq was born in 1945.


Bachelor of Science (Telecommunication), University of Alexandria 1966. Master of Science (Solid State Electronics), Carnegie Mellon University 1970. Doctor of Philosophy (System Engineering), Carnegie Mellon University 1973.


Instructor, College of Engineering, University of Riyadh 1966-1968. Assistant Professor, System Engineering, College of Engineering. Assisted in establishing Analogue Computer Laboratory.

Consultant to General Organization for Social Insurance 1973-1976. Responsible for the Information System of Saudi Arabia, Presidency of Youth Welfare, directing the creation of the information system for Saudi Credit Bank in Riyadh. Managing Director of Computer Centre, Faculty of Engineering, Riyadh University.


  • A System Design for Arabic Characters Recognition by Digital Computer, The 2nd Conference for Pure and Applied Science, ASRS, Manchester, United Kingdom 1976. A Colour TV Digital Pattern Generator, First Congress of International Technology, Pittsburgh, United States of America 1976. An Integral Tunable Active B.P. Filter, IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems, Phoenix, United States of America 1977.

    A Proposed Experimental Laboratory for Picture Processing by Digital Computer, The 13th International Conference for Statistics, Computer Science and Social Research, Cairo, Egypt 1977. Some Problems in Digitalization of CTV Signals for the Proposed Arab Satellite, EUROCON 77, Venice, Italy 1977.


To ensure the preservation of human life, Allah legislated for marriage, healthy eating and living, and forbid the taking of life and laid down punishments for doing so.


  • Other Interests

    Soccer, swimming.