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Ahmad Mohamad AL-DHUBAIB

dean , assistant professor

Ahmad Mohamad AL-DHUBAIB, Assistant Professor and Dean of Libraries, Riyadh University.


AL-DHUBAIB, Ahmad Mohamad was born in 1935 in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.


Bachelor of Arts (Library Science), Cairo University 1960. Doctor of Philosophy (Library Science), Leeds University 1966.


Lecturer, Arabic Department, Riyadh University 1966, Acting Chairman of the Arabic Department 1969, Chairman 1972. Member of the Supreme Council of Antiquities. Founder and Chairman of the Society of Dialects and Folklore, Riyadh University 1967.

Founder of the Museum of Arabian Folklore, Riyadh University. Founder member of the Saudi Religious Advisory Board. Participated in the 27th and 29th Orientalists’ Conferences 1967, 1973.

Member of the Saudi Men of Letters Conference, Mecca, and The Role of the University Conference, Riyadh. Assistant Professor and Dean of Libraries, Riyadh University.


  • A critical and comparative study of the ancient Arabic proverbs, Leeds 1966. An authentic, critical edition of Kitab al-Amthal of Al-Sadusi (book of ancient Arabic proverbs), Riyadh 1970. An Arabic translation of T. M. Johnstone’s Eastern Arabian Dialect Studies, Riyadh 1975.


It is this spiritual life, at its various levels, that attracts people to Islam, its way of life, and the rulings of the divine Law.


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