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Ahmed Abdallah Edit Profile

also known as Ahmad Abd Allah Abd ar-Rahman



He was assassinated in the capital, Moroni, on the 26th of November 1989 during a coup led by Ali Soilih's half-brother, Said Mohamed Djohar.


He began participating in the government in 1940.

He was the president of the government council and Chief Minister of the Comoros, he served that position for three years.

He became the first president of the independent islands, when the islands became independent from France. In 1975 he was overthrown by Said Mohamed Jaffar in a coup d'etat, on the 3rd of August.

In 1976 he was overthrown by Ali Soilih.

He who had been living in exile in Paris, France, staged a coup against Soilih with the help of mercenary Bob Denard in 1978. He became the lone chair on the 3rd of October. He assumed the title of president and remained in office until his death on the 25th of October.

In 1982 he had the Comoros Democratic Union (UDC) and all other parties abolished, and a new party, the Comorian Union for Progress (UCP), was set up.

In 1984 he was re-elected unopposed.