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Aikawa Yoshisuke Edit Profile


businessman , entrepreneur , politician

Yoshisuke Aikawa (or Gisuke Ayukawa) was a Japanese entrepreneur, businessman, and politician, noteworthy as the founder and first president of the Nissan zaibatsu between 1931 and 1945.


Aikawa Yoshisuke was born at November 6, 1880 in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan.


He studied cast iron production techniques in the United States for a while.


He founded, and became president of the Tobata Cast Iron Co. In 1920, he took the place of his brother-in-law, Fusanosuke Kuhara, as president of Kuhara Mining Co. He renamed the company as the Nippon Saugyo K.K. and succeeded in building it up into a matrix of the so-called “Nissan Konzern” which swayed substantial influence over the wartime economy of Japan. In 1907 he became president of the Manchurian Heavy Industries Co. He was purged in 1945, but was depurged in 1951. He was nominated president of the Association for the Promotion of Small Enterprises. In 1952 he was returned to the House of Councillors.


  • Aikawa Yoshisuke founder of Nissan conglomerate.


Fusanosuke Kuhara