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Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Fadeev


Aleksandr Fadeev, USSR Author.


Fadeev, Aleksandr was born in 1901.


Classic Stalinist author. Became famous in the late 1920s. Praised officially as one of the best representatives of socialist realism.

Became very influential as a literary official. General Secretary of the Writers Union, 1946-1955. Personally responsible for many denunciations of writers during the Stalin years, leading to imprisonment or death.

After the secret speech by Khrushchev denouncing the crimes of Stalin at the XXth Party Congress, committed suicide in a state of fear and depression. His literary reputation is largely based on two propaganda novels, The Rout, 1927, about the Civil War, and The Young Guard, 1945, which was revised after official criticism in 1951, and which concernsa group of young communist resistance fighters during the German occupation.